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Dr Tejinder Bhatti’s Darling Buds Clinic, located at Chandigarh, India, is today regarded as one of the first international clinics totally dedicated to FUE hair transplant. It is the first clinic in the world, previously doing 100% FUT hair transplants, to completely transform into a ‘FUE only’ hair transplant center as long back as 2009. You are witness to the fact that the world over this change over is being replicated in clinics which were earlier doing FUT only. For, FUE has become a force to reckon with due to quality hair transplant results giving enviable, reproducible results, case after case. Today, FUE is the procedure of choice of a discerning client like you and many more.

India's # 1 Hair Transplant Doctor

Dr Tejinder Bhatti
is the first Asian doctor to be approved & authenticated by the World's 5 most respected hair restoration forums. 

And this is what the patients has to tell you about the experience

"What a wonderful doctor, an incredible team and a homely clean well equipped center. I love Darling Buds." Timothy Renoir, Port of Spain

"My parting got broader and broader and I panicked! Till I went for hair transplant at Darling Buds." Samuel McKinney, Alabama (USA)

"Its a great joy for me to see an Indian doctor performing at the forefront of his craft, even when compared to his peers on a global scale, in a very competitive landscape of hair transplants. I chose Dr Bhatti after meeting with some of the best doctors worldwide including Bosley USA, AHI Australia, DHI Greece, and many of the other big name doctors in India. My reason for choosing Dr Bhatti was because he outshone the other doctors on a combined scale of knowledge and passion for hair transplants, even leaving aside cost where he is also much more competitive. I was very happy with the procedure which was done very professionally in a friendly and caring environment. The results have been great after 6 months of wait. Thank you Team Darling Buds, India." Mr Harnek, Brisbaine (Australia)

"Skilled Indian doctor, affordable Chinese rates, American standards of care. That is what I got in India." Big M, New Zealand

"It was a great pleasure to meet you in Chandigarh. My father and I are very thankful for the terrific procedure and wonderful hospitality that you gave us. You are a true master of your craft." Stanley, Jr., New York

"They grow hair and they do a great job at it." Tom Higgins, USA

"Just by inspecting Dr Bhatti’s documented body of work online, I knew this was the real deal. Contrary to many website galleries of surgeons in America, Dr Bhatti’s patients looked happier on their “after” photo than on the “before” photo! I think that is the biggest testament on the quality of his work. Can’t wait to share with others the secret to a successful HT procedure." Damien, Puerto Rico

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Why Dr Bhatti’s rates for hair transplant are the cheapest in the world for the services he offers!

1. In the past few years, Darling Buds has been recognized as the most favored destination internationally for those considering medical travel overseas for an FUE hair transplant.

2. Our cost of hair transplant is the most competitive in the world. Almost ($1 for discounted procedures in Summers (April, May, June) and in Voluntary packages in other months) at Darling Buds is the longest a dollar can be stretched!

3. ‘Big Mac’, from NZ, and a client at “Darling Buds” wrote this in the testimonial book- “I love Darling Buds Clinic for hair transplant because- I got an Indian doctor with US training and standards of care, at Chinese rates!” This says it all!

4. For this tame price you get a world renowned and experienced doctor who will give you results which at times even better than the best hair transplant centers in USA and Europe.

5. You would be pleased to know that Dr Bhatti has the largest experience in FUE graft harvesting in the world since, unlike at many other busy centers, he does it himself.

This is the USP of our clinic and the reason why we consistently get satisfactory results and repeat clients.

Should cost of hair transplant be the only reason to choose your Doctor?

No, cost of hair transplant may not reflect the competence of a hair transplant center when trying to locate a doctor. The following need to be taken into account-

Credentials never lie!  Read about the doctor’s credentials- not only on his website but also Google his name and see the results. Choosing the right plastic surgeon for your hair transplant is 95% of decision making when traveling abroad for a hair transplant.

  1. Do the technicians of the doctor have a high attrition rate?
  2. Does the doctor hesitate in showing photographs of his center and the facilities offered?
  3. Ask for travel advice and arrangements for stay. The best centers will take care of you from the time you land in the country till your flight departs back home. They will make your experience pleasant by booking hotel, etc on your behalf.
  4. Call the doctor’s office and request to speak to him personally to clarify all the above points. Get all this in writing from him through e-mail before committing your procedure..
  5. Lastly, ask yourself- “Am I traveling to India for a Cheap hair transplant or an Affordable, Effective, World-Class FUE hair transplant procedure!”

The rates at Darling Buds would perhaps raise your eyebrows and naturally you would suspect the pricing structure associating low price with lower quality and ambivalent final results. However, when in India this does not hold true. We are the costliest center in India. The “low cost” at our facility is due to the fact that hiring staff, and cost of equipment and disposables are much cheaper as compared even to countries in Eastern Europe, West Asia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. We at our center pass on the majority of the savings so made to our clients so that you can make a quicker decision to travel to us in India. We are aware that air travel is expensive and so is 2-3 nights’ stay in India. This is the reason we offer such low rates.

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The photos I need are from the front (face+hairline), back, sides and to of your scalp. 




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